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YOU Can Grow a Garden

Traditional vegetable gardening methods make it easy to fail.

  • You need good soil.
  • You have to get the right amount of rain.
  • You get aches and pains from shoveling and kneeling and bending over to reach your plants.
  • And you have to BATTLE. WEEDS. ALL. SEASON. LONG.

Straw Bale Gardens make it easy to SUCCEED.

  • You don't need good soil, because you're planting in bales of straw. You can choose any sunny spot to grow - even a sidewalk, driveway or patio.
  • Automated watering with a soaker hose is almost effortless.
  • There are virtually no weeds ever in a straw bale garden. (Trust us. No weeding is a serious win!)

Straw Bale Gardening also lets you grow your own fresh vegetables without any digging at all. Since your plants are growing about 18" off the ground, it's also much easier on your knees and back.

As bales go through the short preparation process they “become” soil inside, and this new virgin soil feeds the plants while preventing insects, diseases and most importantly weeds.

Transplants or seeds are easily planted in the “conditioned ” bales. After planting, your garden grows with very little effort.

Straw Bale Gardening is so simple that you'll truly ENJOY having a garden.

BaleBuster is our All-in-One product to make preparing your bales easier than ever. Even brand new gardeners can succeed in your very first growing season.

It's super simple: just sprinkle it on your bales, water it in, wait a few days to plant and then watch your garden grow.

You'll be able to find straw bales or hay bales in your local area, and a visit to our online Straw Bale Garden Club will help you learn everything you need to know to succeed.

Make your dream of growing a fresh vegetable garden for your family come true.

Improve the nutrition of your family while slashing your grocery bills.

Imagine how impressed your family and friends will be at the neighborhood picnic when you explain that all the tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers and basil in the salad you’re serving were grown by you - in your very own Straw Bale Garden.

Order BaleBuster today and be amazed at what you grow!

Want to learn more about Straw Bale Gardening before purchasing BaleBuster™?

Visit our EDUCATIONAL website - - where you'll find more than 85 Demonstration and Garden Tour videos, a Community Forum where you can get questions answered by Joel Karsten and other enthusiastic Straw Bale Gardeners, invitations to Online Events, and much more.