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BaleBuster - Bale preparation formula

Maximize the yield from your Straw Bale Garden with this custom blend of nutrients.

BaleBuster™ is the ONLY conditioning agent specifically designed and formulated for Straw Bale Gardens.

Just sprinkle it on your bales, water it in, plant, and watch your garden grow!

WHY BaleBuster™?

  • Custom blend of nutrients effective for all types of bales
  • Developed by the pioneer of Straw Bale Gardening
  • Optimizes microbial growth to metabolize your straw into "soil"
  • Tested for maximum yields of vegetable crops
  • Proprietary formulation accelerates plant growth
  • Available in 100% organic OR refined NPK version formulations
  • Reliable performance - gardens are ready to plant in 12 - 18 days
  • Effective in all climates from the Arctic circle to the equator
  • Convenient delivery - ships quickly anywhere in the USA
  • All-in-One Solution requires no other inputs
  • Multiple package sizes to match your garden

Order BaleBuster™ today. Then watch your garden grow!