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About SBG

The concept of Straw Bale Gardening was pioneered in the 1990's because I couldn't come up with $200 to build raised beds like a normal gardener with really bad soil would have done. I remembered back to the farm when I was a kid, and we'd have busted bales that were tossed up by the barn.  After a few months of getting rained on, those bales would grow the biggest and tallest thistles on the whole farm. Why not just grow vegetables in bales instead of making raised beds?

I did a bunch of experiments and really perfected the method over the years. For the first 14 years nobody really cared, then I wrote Straw Bale Gardening my first self-published book, and created a page on Facebook. Now after more than ten years of teaching the method to others I can attest that if you follow the basic methods I've outlined in my books, you cannot fail.

I explain the conditioning process in my books in detail, and offer suggestions about what sources of nitrogen might work best for organic growers and for traditional gardeners. Sometimes people struggle to find the right products for conditioning the bales, and this can be frustrating, and sometimes more expensive than it needs to be. For these reasons I have introduced a line of bale conditioning agent, called BaleBuster™, developed over three years to work perfectly. BaleBuster's proprietary formula makes the process even easier, and the pricing is very competitive with any other comparable product on the market. 

I am located in Saint Paul, Minnesota, which is where I have my garden, and where I do all of my testing and research. I have seen Straw Bale Gardening spread all over the world in the past few years and have been around this planet teaching the method to people in many different climates. The good news is that it works well for gardening everywhere.

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