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BaleBuster - 100% Organic - 5 Bale Garden Size

BaleBuster - 100% Organic - 5 Bale Garden Size


BaleBuster™ is exactly what you need to transform five bales of straw into your own thriving vegetable garden.

Instructions in each box tell you exactly how much of the custom-formulated organic fertilizer blend to scatter on your bales during the 12 day preparation sequence, how much water to use, and which days to skip.

Just sprinkle, water & wait to plant your garden!

At the end of the conditioning process, the interior of your bales will already contain nutrient-rich (and weed-free) "virgin dirt" ready to grow your seeds and starter plants.

This formulation of BaleBuster™ is the perfect amount for a 5 bale vegetable garden, and is 100% organic.

Joel Karsten spent several years developing and testing this custom-blend of ingredients in BaleBuster™ to help Straw Bale Gardening enthusiasts avoid the frustration of searching for the right type of fertilizer at their local garden centers. (Choosing a fertilizer brand with the wrong nitrogen percentage can ruin an entire gardening season, and deciphering different manufacturer names and product labels can be very confusing.)

BaleBuster™ has a carefully balanced, proprietary combination of ingredients that work together to stimulate the natural decomposition process. Master Gardeners will recognize the terms Silrich EN Trichoderma Ressie, Bacillus subtilis, Bacillus megaterium and Porcine Blood Meal. Research has shown these ingredients are effective catalysts of decomposition, can prevent some common plant diseases, and also help your plant roots absorb additional nutrients.

BaleBuster™ makes the process of starting your Straw Bale Garden as simple as possible. This 5-bale Garden quantity sets you up for a successful growing season in your own backyard. 

When you use this organic variety of BaleBuster™, Straw Bale Gardening is as simple as sprinkle, water, plant and grow!

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